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You may take your required continuing education via correspondence class.  Our classes are Oregon and Washington State approved plumbing continuing education.  Classes are approved for each state as listed, but must be purchased separately.

How does it work?

Decide which class you want and check out using Pay Pal.  If you prefer to pay by check, please call 503.624.6848 and ask for Pam.

3-5 Business days later you will receive the following package:   CD or USB with the requested class (may be multiple classes on one disc), Instruction sheet, Questionnaire (one per class), Stamped and addressed envelope for the return of the Questionnaire, Certificates will be mailed to you after we receive the questionnaires back to us.


We pay shipping!

Follow the instruction sheet directions- view class, fill out Questionnaire, return Questionnaire promptly for credit.

Upon receipt of your Questionnaire we will submit your name to the State for credit.

That's it!

Our pay pal set-up:  no extra charges, no pay pal account required, but sometimes pay pal freaks out so either try again a little later or just call us up.  503.624.6848 or email to pam.ditty@comcast.net  Thanks!

Oregon Correspondence Classes

 2021 OR Code Change + Rule & Law    Drainage Systems    Building Sewers     Grease Traps and Interceptors     Plumbing ADA     Plumbing Fixtures      Electric Plumbing Fixtures    Isometric Drawing     Super Bloopers    Water Distribution Residential     Water Distribution Commercial    Electric Pump Systems     Indirect Waste Receptors

Washington Correspondence Classes

 WA Electric Plumbing Fixtures     WA Isometric Drawing      WA Drainage Systems      WA Super BloopersI     WA ADA Plumbing     WA Water Distribution Residential     WA Water Distribution Commercial     WA Electric Pump Systems




Oregon requires 8 hours per year of approved plumbing continuing education.  For more information about Oregon continuing education requirements for journeyman plumbers click here


Washington requires 8 hours per year of approved plumbing continuing education.  There are specific class requirements.  For more information about Washington continuing education requirements click here