Washington Classes

These classes are available to Journeymen Plumbers, Inspectors, Specialty Plumbers, Apprentices, Trainees, Exam Applicants


Our pay pal set-up:  no extra charges, no pay pal account required, but sometimes pay pal freaks out so either try again a little later or just call us up. 503.624.6848 or email to pam.ditty@comcast.net  Thanks!

WA Electric Plumbing Fixtures                                4 hours credit   $60    IRE 

WA Plumbing Bloopers II                                         4 hours credit   $60   CODE

WA Drainage Systems                                             8 hours credit   $12   CODE  

WA ADA Plumbing                                                    4 hours credit  $60   IRP

WA Water Distribution Residential                            4 hours credit  $60   CODE

WA Water Distribution Commercial                           4 hours credit  $60   CODE

WA Electric Pump Systems                                      4 hours credit  $60   IRE



 All classes available for Correspondence