Oregon Classes

These classes are available to Journeymen Plumbers, Inspectors, Specialty Plumbers, Apprentices, Exam Applicants

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2017 Oregon Code Change + Rule & Law          8 hours credit $80

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Drainage Systems                                               4 hours credit   $40

Building Sewers                                                   4 hours credit   $40

Grease Traps and Interceptors                            4 hours credit   $40

Plumbing ADA                                                     4 hours credit   $40

Plumbing Fixtures                                                4 hours credit   $40

Electric Plumbing Fixtures                                    4 hours credit   $40

Isometric Drawing                                                 4 hours credit   $40

Plumbing Bloopers II                                             4 hours credit   $40 

Water Distribution Residential                               4 hours credit   $40

Water Distribution Commercial                              4 hours credit   $40

Electric Pump Systems                                        4 hours credit    $40

Indirect Waste Receptors                                      4 hours credit   $40


All classes available as Correspondence Courses.  For information on live classes go to live classes tab.